Re-qualify your Propane Cylinder

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Ready Propane is registered with Transport Canada to re-qualify propane cylinders.

With 4 Certified Technicians on our team, re-qualification services are now available year round*.

Ready Propane is also specialty licensed for on-site re-qualifications.

For on-site service, your propane cylinder must be in good condition, and fully accessible for visual inspection. It must also be completely empty before any valves can be safely removed.


In Canada, Federal regulations dictate that portable propane cylinders “expire” 10 years after their original date of manufacture. After this date, they must be “re-qualified” by a Certified Professional before they can be re-filled.

  • At a minimum this involves replacing the pressure relief valve, testing the function of any other valves, completing an external visual inspection, and performing a mandatory leak test. 

Large horizontal (ASME) propane storage tanks need to be inspected at a maximum interval of 5 years. They must also, at a minimum, have the pressure relief valve serviced or replaced after 25 years. Tanks larger than 2500 USWG, and dispensing units, are subject to more stringent regulations. Only qualified individuals and registered facilities can complete this work. Please contact us if you have questions about your horizontal tank. 


Please burn your tank or cylinder right out of propane (meaning your appliances stop working, not just zero showing on the gauge). If you can’t be without propane, simply attach a backup cylinder to your pig-tail (hose) once you run out. Then contact us to arrange for re-qualification.

If you cannot run the cylinder dry for some reason -or you are unsure how to attach a backup cylinder- wait until your gauge reads 20% or less. Then contact us to discuss an alternative process.

Please note:

  • 100# cylinders (and smaller) should be completely emptied of propane if being dropped off at our shop facility in Parksville. Please call our office to arrange for an appointment before stopping by. 
  • During peak season (October thru March) same day service is not possible for small cylinder re-qualifications. Waiting times are dependent on weather and staff availability.


Remember: Summer is the best time to get ready for winter!


Expired cylinder?

Not too rusty or otherwise damaged?

Re-qualify it. We can help!