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At Ready Propane, we always recommend customers shop locally whenever possible.

However, we also know that finding consumer grade propane accessories can be a challenge….

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Below you will find links to many commonly requested items and accessories. Click on a link, and you’ll be taken directly to the site page where that item can be ordered easily and quickly.  

Important notice for do-it-yourselfers : 

Patio heaters, fire tables, BBQ’s, propane hose extensions, and simple brass connections are designed and marketed with the everyday consumer in mind. Many different types of propane systems can be assembled quickly and safely with only a few tools, and basic mechanical skills.


  • Propane can be dangerous if not given the proper attention and respect.
  • Employ the services of a Licensed Gas-fitter for RV connections, permanent installations (which require a TSBC gas permit), larger projects involving rigid piping, or if you are at all unsure of what you are doing.
  • Use LPG rated pipe putty or gas tape on all threaded connections.
  • Pressurize then leak test all connections with soap and water prior to use. 
  • Do not attempt to repair or modify regulators, appliances, or internal components of propane equipment. These systems are complicated, and potentially dangerous if modified or damaged. 

Heaters & Fire Tables  

Millions of homes and restaurants utilize propane heating units due to their low cost, and relative ease of use. Propane generates a lot of heat, and that warmth can be felt across a large area.

Patio heaters and fire-tables permit the expanded use of your outdoor spaces beyond summer only. With the right equipment, you can enjoy outdoor entertaining early in the spring, or late into the fall season.

We’ve also provided some links to small utility heaters and weeding torches. 


Cylinders & Connections

Hoses that connect your home, RV, or small propane equipment to a propane cylinder are frequently requested items from our customers. 

Links to commonly used propane extension hoses, brass connections, adapters, and fittings can be found below.

Note that this page represents only a small collection. There are literary hundreds of different items available on Amazon. Look for the “products related to this item” or “frequently bought together” sections to find more.

We have also provided links to BBQ (20#), RV (30#/40#) and Camp Stove (1#) cylinders here as well. 

Barbeques & Camping Gear 

Propane gas is safe, extremely hot, efficient, and portable. These attributes make propane the fuel of choice for a variety of residential and recreational applications. 

Whenever possible, we recommend purchasing quality names like Napoleon, Weber, Outland, Camp Chef, & Coleman. These brands are known for being well built, and come with reasonable warranties. With simple maintenance and care, quality propane equipment can be handed down for the next generation.  

Gauges & Leak Detectors

Customers will typically know right away if they have a major gas leak due to a safety additive called “Mercaptan”. Mercaptan is added to propane & natural gas to give it the smell of rotten eggs 

To detect most leaks, a simple solution of dish soap and water is all that is required. If you need something more sophisticated, there are also many commercial leak detectors or liquid solutions available.

Small cylinder customers are often asking for a way to measure their fuel level, as their cylinders lack a gauge. Checking the dew line in the morning works in cool / wet weather, but we rely on the Dometic ultrasonic pen units for accurate results in all conditions.

Looking to remotely monitor your generator tank? Check out the Generac Wi-fi monitor. 



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